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About Me

Hi, I’m Laura a Registered Nutritional Therapist and Lifestyle Coach

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Healthy eating and movement have been part of my life since my teens. At the age of 17, I worked in a health food store and discovered the realm of supplements and health foods. Keep in mind this was the early 90s and the health food industry was still relatively new and still overshadowed by the fad low fat diet industry of the 80s. 

I became more focused on balancing health after losing my brother in 2007, then in 2011 almost losing my mum to cancer. At the same time, I became severely anaemic from overtraining and not consuming nutritionally dense foods for a very active athletic lifestyle. These events allowed me to understand how mindset, food choices, exercise, sleep and social connection are all paramount for health.

I personally focus on balancing every pillar of health in my own life and that of my family. I have seen so many benefits from tweaking certain habits, ranging from introducing new foods, fostering a positive mindset, mixing up exercise and a better bedtime routine. "Small changes really do have a huge impact on health". 

There is so much more to share with you so why not join me on this journey to optimal health today…




A level 6 diploma qualified Nutritional Therapist and Health Coach, registered with FNTP. I am also a registered Meditation Practitioner, CBT Practitioner and CIPD qualified HR Professional.



I don't believe in making food prepping difficult nor time consuming that is why I use a simple concept which involves a focused approach of incorporating highly dense protein, a healthy source of fat, a three-quarter plate rich in an array of carb healthy vegetables and starches. Calorie counting is nonsense, not realistic nor accurate. 


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Movement has always been part of my life. My earliest memories are of my mum teaching me how to jive to old 60s tunes; then dancing around to ABBA singles to impress my granddad. In my teens I became interested in running and HIIT. Then during my 20s, 30s and 40s participated in many half and full marathons. Now however I love to mix things up with lots of strength training, kayaking, running (more for sanity these days), open water swimming and long walks with nature. 


Childhood depression, childhood insecurity, childhood acne, childhood eczema, chronic insomnia, gut permeability, fibroids, mould induced asthma, iron deficiency, grief (loss of brother and best friend).  


Feeling amazing, balance of good nutrition, movement, stress management, optimal sleep, family and friends, plus growth, purpose, time with nature and daily meditation.

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