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My programs are designed to help you heal and live life again...


My programs are truly unique because they take the client through every pillar of health focusing on a one system approach, meaning the body is one system and if one part is out of balance then it will affect everything.

That’s why we get to the root cause of the symptom using range of exploration and discovery unfolding techniques, peeling back each layer.

For example, stress and trauma can cause inflammation in the brain and gut, inflammation is the beginning of all disease. Therefore, we focus on what is causing the stress and use techniques such as meditation, breathwork, visualisation, building purpose to grow a stronger mindset. We then focus on creating a personalised nutrition, movement and sleep plan ensuring all aspects of life are in balance.

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What could you gain from working with me?

  • An understanding of balancing lifestyle

  • A positive outlook on life

  • Better sleep

  • Less fatigue 

  • Better digestion 

  • Mental clarity 

  • Better family life

  • More productive

  • Self awareness

  • More energy....

A 12 week lifestyle program may look like this:

*Note there is often an overlap of discussions which we come back to over the weeks therefore this is an example only*

Each program can be adjusted according to your requirement.

Fortnightly 60 minute sessions over zoom. Face to face available in Teddington SW London

Weekly text check ins to keep you on track.

"Let's chat and arrange your free no obligation 20 minute discovery call"

Foundation session

Session one will involve getting to know each other, talking through the consultation paperwork, food diary and goals.. This session will last for 90 mins.


Using many different techniques, we work on growing your mindset so that you are resilient and ready to focus on improving your health, etc.


We cover how each pillar of health work together, the importance of sleep, the stress effect on health, relationships during change, etc.


Vegetables for gut health and detoxification, protein for muscle and repair and daily ratio, types of healthy carbs and daily ratios, energy balance, fats and hormones, etc. 


Importance of exercise for health, importance of balance, cardio program, strength program, meditation program, etc.

And More...

The benefits of supplements, adaptogens and how to bio-hack health using tracking devices and data, plus helping you to bio-hack blood testing data to implement change...