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Lifestyle Mentoring Program

Four Steps to a New Beginning

(Six Weeks) 6 Week Mentoring Program Virtual or in person available

A lifestyle program is taking a whole approach to health, rather than focusing on illness or specific parts of the body.

It means looking at the body as one system: understanding the bigger picture.

This is often looking at diet, sleep, mindset and exercise, but also looking at social connections, relationships with family. Essentially, it involves a balance of nutritional therapy together with a lifestyle health coach approach, thinking outside the box of conventional medicine by exploring the underlaying cause of the symptom.

​It provides long term answers and solutions so that the client can take back control of their own health and move forward and live life again.

That is why I have created a complete lifestyle mentoring protocol focusing on every aspect of a lifestyle change. It provides the knowledge and the tools to take back control. It focuses on everything, so you see the bigger picture of holistic health. The journey begins with the biggest challenge for many people: "Mindset".

Outdoor Activity


  • "Mindset is key to a lifestyle change". This section of the protocol will focus on discussing challenges; breaking habits and digging deep to understand their roots.  

  • We will use different methods such as meditation, the wheel of life, mindfulness to understand values, passion and goals.


  • A nutritional plan tailored to your specific health goal.

  • Perhaps you want to reduce carbohydrates, therefore we may look at a ketogenic diet approach

  •  Perhaps you want to lower blood pressure, therefore we may look at a Mediterranean diet approach


  • An exercise plan specific to your goal. 

  • Perhaps you want to get more cardio benefits

  • Perhaps you want to grow more muscle; “maybe both”.


  • A sleep plan focusing on mastering bedtime sleep hygiene

  • We work on breaking bedtime habits

  • The sleep wake cycle

  • The importance of nutrition, movement and meditation

Note, each stage will be covered over the weeks we work together. Therefore, there is no set order with this protocol.

The program is truly adaptable, depending on your specific needs.

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This program comes with a healthy eating guide packed with nutritional content, a supplement guide tailored to your specific need, an exclusive meal planning guide (created together), a meditation guide, factsheet take away material, in addition to weekly emails and text catch ups between each virtual or face to face session

Price £450.00.

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